Get Britain out of EU? Fight them on the beaches

The Queen's Speech started a historic battle for the future of Britain. Whatever Mr. Cameron says, the EU will never allow us to have our democracy back. Let's get real and get Britain out. Ready, steady, Go!

Cameron in Latvia. AKA, Brexit begins...
Alan Murad
On 27 May 2015 15:02

In the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday, David Cameron announced the In/Out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. This is a historic moment.

Conservatives will have their chance to demonstrate to Eurosceptics, and the Great British Public, that they serious they are about change in Europe.

Having ditched the Liberal Democrat albatross and now armed with a clear mandate, not even the Prime Minister will ​be able to trot out ​his excuse that his coalition partner is preventing real change.

Clearly, Cameron wants to get the renegotiations over with as soon as possible, and he has already started his charm offensive. However sincere, he was not met by a ‘wall of love’ in Riga, his most recent stop around the EU capitals.

This is not surprising, given that Cameron’s proposed reforms undoubtedly require Treaty changes. That would undermine everything the ideological Eurocrats live for -- ‘ever closer union’.

Meeting in Chequers on Monday, the PM began preliminary negotiations with European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker. This was all very fitting as the meeting took place in the historic building where Churchill wrote his ‘fight them on beaches’ speech.

But our current crop of political bigwigs seem to have lost the art of negotiation. Stating that, “The British people are not happy with the status quo”, is by no means weak -- after all, it reflects public opinion throughout Britain.

However, what is objectionable is that the pro-EU Conservatives are effectively lightening our weight at the negotiating table. By promising to remain in the EU no matter what deal Cameron gets from Juncker, there is no incentive for Brussels to lay down a suitable deal.

This confirms that the political establishment, both in Westminster and Brussels, are not listening to the Great British Public.

Taken in the round, this all demonstrates why we must Get Britain Out of the EU as soon as possible. Our freedom and prosperity will not be secured by backroom deals behind closed doors, but by heading for the exit door.

Alan Murad is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out

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