FIFA corruption scandal has to be "Islamophobia"

"Islamophobia" is one of the most dishonest pieces of politically correct garbage of our times. But guess what Qatar is now saying about the FIFA corruption scandal: it's all because they're Arabs and Muslims

Qatar for World Cup 2022
the commentator
On 1 June 2015 09:15

It's the ultimate get out of jail free card. Got a problem? Done something wrong? Being investigated for an alleged crime? If there's any conceivable way you can claim a link to Islam, you have the perfect response: "Islamophobia".

The extent to which this term -- almost without exception fake and completely devoid of real substance -- is now infinitely malleable has just been demonstrated with regard to the FIFA bribery and corruption row involving several countries and officials but focusing on Qatar.

"...we see the all about Qatar, because it comes to a small, Arab, Islamic country. That's how people feel," Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani (former Qatari prime minister) told Fox News on Sunday.

It is perfectly possible that people in Qatar do feel that way. But that is because the Arab and wider Muslim world is shot through with a victim complex, fed by Western "liberals", whereby no criticism can ever be legitimate. It must instead be based on some form or another of racism.

The fact that the World Cup was awarded to a country with no significant footballing history, which sees temperatures rise to 50 degrees celsius during the summer, and is awash with oil money should arouse no suspicion whatsoever, except if you're an "Islamophobe".

The FIFA scandal is big enough in its own right. But this latest outburst from Qatar is an emblem of our times.

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