If Europhile loons like this win the day, BREXIT is certain

Packed full of contempt and patronising dishonesty, Poland's EU supremo has made an intervention against British interests and membership of the EU that, if typical, guarantees Brexit. UKIP should hire this guy!

Send in the bulldozers?
the commentator
On 7 June 2015 11:41

Will somebody please save these people from themselves? Even the most hardened Eurosceptic must entertain a certain sympathy for the pro-EU camp in Britain when they read something like this.

It's an article in the Guardian featuring an interview with Rafał Trzaskowski, Poland’s secretary of state for European affairs, who recently had a meeting with David Cameron. UKIP should hire this guy.

Here's how he thinks he's making a constructive contribution to keeping Britain inside the European Union:

1) His patronising, hectoring tone: "Guys, OK, some of your fears are justified, some of your sensibilities should be taken into account, and some of your idiosyncrasies, even though for us they might seem strange. We should talk about it....’"

Well ("guys") that's 500,000 votes for Brexit right there. Clue: Brits don't appreciate being treated like 4 year olds by Europhiles who invented the Euro: the stupidest idea in international political-economy since the fall of communism

2) His dishonesty: "...If you say you can leave and still be part of the internal market, keep your [second] houses, that you will still be free to travel, that there will be no customs duties, and so on – but that you will not have to accept free movement of workers, and you will not pay into the EU budget, of course people will vote [to leave] … but this is simply not true.”

Right. You really have to stop telling bare faced lies. If Britain quits the EU, expats just won't lose their houses in EU countries. And they'll still be free to travel. Second Clue: Scaremongering via absolute bullshit makes you look weak and desperate. We make that another 500,000 votes for Brexit

3) More fake scaremongering: “If Great Britain leaves, it will minimise its role. I am not trying to be patronising. I think we have to be frank with the British people when we talk about their future in the European Union. Many people in Europe want to be accommodating … but if the demands are too extreme, they are not going to be met... You cannot keep all the goodies and forget about the costs..."

This is the old canard about Britain losing international influence if it leaves the EU. It's based on the lie that Britain has influence because of its membership of the EU anyway. But the Common Foreign and Security policy is a hopeless shambles. On all the most important issues, the EU almost never manages to forge an agreed policy. Third clue: saying, "I am not trying to be patronising", does not mean a thing, when in fact you are being patronising. Let's call that a million votes for Brexit just for your sheer temerity

Overall, the intervention by Trzaskowski is a hat-trick of own goals. If this is the shape of things to come from Europe's elites, Brexit is a total certainty.

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