Europe now has open-door immigration

The Left’s dream of open-door immigration is now effectively being achieved by back-door mass migration across the Med under the moral guise of rescuing victims from unscrupulous traffickers

Migrants, with HMS Bulwark nearby
Vincent Cooper
On 16 June 2015 06:54

With several European countries now using their ships to provide what is effectively a ferry service from north Africa to Europe for all the world’s migrants to set up home in Europe’s bankrupt welfare states, the EU political class have finally got what most of them have always wanted -- an open-door policy on immigration into Europe.

Open-door immigration is not something the voters of Europe have ever remotely accepted, and the politicians were always denied their cohesion-destroying goal. But migrant deaths in the Mediterranean have changed all that.

The Left’s dream of open-door immigration is now effectively being achieved by back-door mass migration under the moral guise of rescuing victims from unscrupulous traffickers. The Left can now make a virtue of their anti-democratic mass-immigration dreams.

No one denies there is a strong case for Europe to help. The EU and all European governments claim there is an obvious moral duty to save people at risk of drowning, and of course all morally decent people will agree. But matters are not that simple, and the public know it.

Why, for example, are drowning migrants only Europe’s moral problem? Why are Egypt and Turkey and Saudi Arabia not using their navies to pick up Mediterranean migrants and taking them back to their respective countries? If moral duty to save drowning people is the issue, then these countries should be playing their part.

But of course we all know that saving innocent victims is not, in any simple sense, the real issue here. We know that the Mediterranean boat people do not want to be saved by Egypt or Turkey or Saudi Arabia and taken to these countries. (It would be very interesting to see how the boat people would react if a Saudi ship offered them safe passage to Saudi Arabia).

No, Europe’s navies are not engaged simply in a life-saving exercise. If they were, they would land the migrants at the nearest port or back where they came from.

And the public also know that these boat people pay the traffickers to create the moral problem in the first place. People know that the traffickers are not the real cause of the Mediterranean crisis (as the politicians and media try to make out), but are in fact a nasty symptom of it.

For all of these reasons many perfectly decent people question the EU’s policy of ferrying migrants into Europe.

It’s obvious to any realist that Europe’s policy of an unconditional commitment to saving and settling these migrants in Europe, far from solving a problem, is actually creating a new migrant crisis on a vastly greater scale.

Capt Nick Cook-Priest of HMS Bulwark said there could be up to half-a-million people in north Africa waiting to be “rescued”. But the captain is wrong, or at least is missing the point.  Free passage on HMS Bulwark and similar vessels could bring Africans and Asians in their millions, all needing to be “rescued”.

On any realistic analysis, Europe’s ferry-for-migrants policy is an open invitation to the whole of Africa; it is a policy of total, open-door immigration stretching into an indefinite future.

Europe’s politicians, mired in denial, say they are going to put the traffickers permanently out of business by “bombing” their boats in port. But the public know such a policy is a bad joke.

You cannot bomb rubber dinghies. And even if you do manage to hit a few of these boats -- later, no doubt, to be sued by the traffickers for compensation -- they can be easily replaced. Large breaker-yard boats can be brought into play at a moment’s notice, filled with thousands of migrants. Then, a quick phone-call from the traffickers to HMS Bulwark and everyone’s back in business.

The truth is that the EU refuses to do what it takes to stop what will become a mass migrant invasion of Europe’s welfare states. Brussels knows that what Australia is doing -- turning migrant boats around and sending them back, an absolute refusal to allow them onto Australian territory -- is the only answer.

Any other policy simply encourages the illegal migrant trade and its traffickers.

Australia’s policy has brought to an end migrants drowning at sea, precisely what the EU claims it wants to do. But many in the EU have joined forces with the United Nations (which includes all of the countries the migrants are fleeing) in condemning the Australian policy.

This is proof, if proof were needed, that the EU and the United Nations want one solution, and one solution only, to the migrant tsunami -- totally unrestricted, open-door immigration to western countries.

The EU and the United Nations, both taxpayer funded bureaucracies largely insulated from public accountability, have contempt for the democratic voice when it comes to immigration. To underline, the majority of Europeans do not support a policy of offering a migrant ferry service from Africa to Europe, yet that is what their politicians impose upon them.

How different, and how democratic Australia is on this issue. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott, in responding to his UN critics, has pointed out that Australia’s policy on illegal immigrants is what the Australian people want.

Europe needs a politician like Tony Abbott.

Vincent Cooper is a regular contributor to The Commentator

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