Feminists not amused at Norway women's football team, for saying they "suck" and it's full of lesbians

Norway's international women's football team has produced a "funny" documentary "admitting" that the girls' game is packed full of lesbians who can't remember whether they should throw or kick the ball. Feminists are not at all amused...

by the commentator on 22 June 2015 13:08


Scandinavia is well known as the most gender-liberated part of the Western world. Yet, political correctness has just been kicked out of the football ground by none other than Norway's women's football team.

To the horror of political feminists they've produced a "mockumentary" about how hopeless women's football can be. According to Norway's English language outlet, The Local:

"In the video, produced by Norwegian broadcaster NRK, defender Trine Rønning, forward Emilie Haavi and goalkeeper Ingrid Hjelmseth make unexpected revelations, such that they do not understand the offside rule, have trouble remembering to kick the ball, not throw it, and they feel the goal is just “way too big"

"[Catherine] Dekkerhus [pictured below article], dubbed “Norway’s hottest soccer player”, admits to being forced to switch teams, as all her teammates fell in love with her.

'“Lesbians everywhere, it's teeming with them”, she said, close to tears."'

The report also suggested that Norway's girls, whoops, women's, team wanted to make the game easier to play such that there would be, "smaller fields, and the use of a plastic tees for free kicks."

One feminist contacted by The Commentator said she thought that this must be a joke [which it is] and that she was "not amused".

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