Latest Palestinian ruse? They'll do anything except make peace

The latest pathetic, and tragically boring, effort by the Palestinians to abuse the International Criminal Court against Israel just shows how doggedly opposed they are to real peace. Only Western bigots and enemies of peace could support it

So boring, Mahmoud...
the commentator
On 24 June 2015 10:49

If, by now, after all these years, you really wanted to do it -- and some surely will -- you could easily make a point by point refutation of the latest forlorn effort by the Palestinian leadership to divert all attention from their unending efforts to avoid making peace with the State of Israel.

If you can suppress the yawns, it's all about "Palestine's" foray into the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague over alleged Israeli violations of international law, ranging from "colonisation" on the West Bank to "war crimes" in Gaza and elsewhere.

They're due to, "hand over a file running to hundreds of pages" to the ICC on Thursday, as the Guardian glowingly reports it.

With Barack Obama in the White House, they're probably hoping it might create something more than a headache for the world's one and only Jewish state. But even if they do, what would this nonsense ultimately mean for Israel, international diplomacy, and the geo-politics of the Middle East?

No-one who backs decency for Israel should ever get complacent, but Obama will be gone by January 2017 and if he ended up in any way shape or form supporting the Palestinians on this lunacy, it would be knocked straight out of the sky by the next administration as soon as it took office.

The real issue to bear in mind here is that this ruse is just the latest in a pattern of conduct going back to the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

In phase 1, the Palestinian/Arab side rejected all peaceful and diplomatic efforts to create a reasonable settlement with Israel. The Jewish/ Israeli side accepted the 1947 UN partition plan which would have created a two-state solution right there and then. The Palestinian/Arab side rejected it in favour of war.

While there is overlap in the three phases, phase 1 of Palestinian rejectionism was based on the destruction of Israel by war. Phase 2 was about terrorism; slaughter as many civilians as possible in the hope of just making Israel go away.

Phase 3, which we are now in, was about using and abusing international diplomacy and its institutions to deligitimise the Jewish state in the eyes of the wider world. BDS is a second-track version of this, heavily based on the red-herring of the so-called "settlements".

The war option, via Iran most obviously, is still there. The terrorism option, via Hamas but also Fatah and its glorification of terrorists, has never gone away.

In the end, if the Palestinians would quit the rejectionism and actually recognise Israel as a Jewish state, dumping support for terrorism and delegitimisation along the way, we'd have a real prospect of a lasting peace. Israel, as it has always shown, is ready to do a pragmatic deal as soon as a serious and good-faith proposal is on offer.

The very best thing the international community can do to ensure that that never happens is to support the latest Palestinian initiative at the ICC.

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