Tunisia attack: Islamic terror families must apologise

Sadistic, psychotic, and without conscience, the evils of Islamic extremism have been dissembled about for far too long. This appalling terrorism is supported by the wider ideology of Islamofascism which is nurtured inside families. We need to say so loudly and clearly

Bloodstained beach: Tunisia under attack from Islamic terror
Clare George-Hilley
On 26 June 2015 21:36

With its pure white sands and rows of palm trees, the Sousse beach resort in the North African country of Tunisia offered holidaymakers an escape to paradise.

In a country stricken with poverty, high unemployment and social unrest, the luxury tourist trade served as a critical pillar of the economy, providing valuable jobs and holding out the promise of much needed stability.

The vulnerable have always been a target of Islamic State. Sousse beach is now stained with blood, cordoned off with Police crime tape and at least 38 people, so far, are known to have been murdered. Many, it appears, are Britons.

Islamic State’s brutality is always designed to destabilise countries and communities, driving up poverty and encouraging more dispossessed and angry young Muslims into its arms.

That’s why they’ve been bombing tourist resorts in Mombasa and Nairobi in Kenya, destroying the reputation of the country, terrifying tourists and destroying the local economy in the process.

Back in Britain we have to sit back and watch as terrorist after terrorist hops on a plane to behead innocent people in a faraway land. As if it couldn’t get any worse, we then have to put up with seeing their families crying crocodile tears on TV and telling the whole country they had no idea their little ones were bloodthirsty murders.

These families should be apologising to the victims of their offspring, not misrepresenting them as children mislead.

Who gave these terrorists the money for the flights, their parents? What was discussed around the dinner table and why did the parents not make it clear that murder and rape was illegal and immoral?

I’ve never seen so many families asking for sympathy when they should be explaining the criminal conduct of their children to the security services and pledging their allegiance to Britain.

We’ve already seen widespread Islamic extremism in full view of the authorities in places like Rotherham.

Young, underage girls were routinely raped and beaten. Anyone who questioned this practice was branded ‘racist’. Paedophilia was encouraged and seen as culturally acceptable.

Gay people have been harassed, intimidated and declared immoral, and women subjected to gender segregation; forced to wear a full veil in case a man becomes overcome with lust and rapes them.

In Britain, we have tolerated this kind of extremism for far too long, with the Labour Party often trading votes in exchange for turning a blind eye to obvious, sickening treatment of women and minorities.

Islamic extremism must be challenged head on -- and the first stage in this process is to stop painting the families of terrorists as the victims.

There are too many young terrorists for it to be just a coincidence, and such high statistics indicate that these parents have raised their children with vile anti-British views since birth. It's time to tell it like it is.

Clare George-Hilley is Director of Communities and Social Justice, Parliament Street Research Council. She is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator. Follow Clare George-Hilley on Twitter: @ClareHilley

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