Hairy Canary has it all: Greece referendum sends Europhiles berserk

The Greek plan to have a referendum on the EU/IMF bailout austerity package is both tragic and hilarious at the same time. The Greek commie government is ful of losers. But the EU is packed full of losers too, who just can't admit to the disastrous error of the entire integrationist project. Meanwhile the BBC is in nervous breakdown mode; bank runs threaten

by The Hairy Canary on 27 June 2015 14:06

Over here at the Hairy Canary -- the famous Brussels pub which has its finger on the pulse of machinations European Union style -- the Europhiles can't believe what just happened.

The Greeks are now saying they'll hold a referendum in a week's time on whether their people should or should not become even further impoverished by the EU and the IMF regarding the debt/bailout plan. Hmm. Wonder how that's going to turn out.

We're betting the pub on three things:

1) The totally anti-democratic Europhiles despise allowing the people a say on anything, and they'll be doing everything possible, short of assassination, to stop this happening.

2) If it does happen and the vote goes against them, they'll force Greece to vote again. They've done it before, twice, with Ireland.

3) These EU dimwits will ultimately capitulate to Greece anyway, because getting the Europhile classes to admit that the whole Euro project has been a total disaster is like getting your average platoon leader of Islamic State to agree that Jesus was/is indeed the son of God.

Prepare for a certain degree of hilarity this week. And if you're in serious mode, prepare for the possibility of bank runs all across south Europe.

By the way, is that Commission President Juncker we see at the bar ordering quintuple whiskies?

P.S. The pro-Euro BBC is in a right old state about this. See here.

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