Greece: Author of democracy rejects EU neo-authoritarianism

Rejoice! Greece is re-invented as the great author and supporter of democracy, as the Greeks say NO to the neo-authoritarian ambitions of Brussels. They've burnt the deep integrationist EU project at the stake. But the failed, anti-intellectual bigots in Brussels will now exact a very cruel price

Read your Plato..
the commentator
On 5 July 2015 17:32

We can do this in five quick paragraphs, and let's start with a massive round of applause to Greece, the country that invented the word, while our British classical liberals turned it into something with universal meaning: Democracy has scored a huge victory, as the dubious neo-authoritarian ideal from Brussels has just been burnt at the stake.

Rejoice! The margin of victory for the NO side has been vast. But don't underestimate the cruelty of Brussels, and the most over-rated mediocrity of our time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. These people have invested the entirety of their credibility in a project that has now definitively failed.

You can't claim to be a serious analyst or political intellectual if your intellect was so deeply intertwined with an analytical and political failure like the Euro. You're shot.

But these people will not roll over. Rather than admit and acknowledge that their lives have amounted to nothing, the Brussels elite will see ordinary Greeks turned into beggars on the streets.

So, while all democrats salute Greece on Sunday evening and Monday morning, expect a vicious reaction from the Europhiles. They have been humiliated, like never before. And there will be no limit to their passion for vengeance.

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