Cameron/Osborne budget ultimate rejection of Thatcherism; begging for approval of Guardian/BBC

The Left should rejoice. The Conservative budget has made minor changes to the corporatist system -- which they do not have the mental capacity to acknowledge even exists. But via the "living wage" they have adopted far-Left policies directly from Ed Miliband. Shallow opportunists the lot of them. Maggie turns in her grave...

by Westminster shrink on 8 July 2015 16:30

Thatcherism is dead, and the Conservative Party killed it in Wednesday's budget. Not much more than two paragraphs here.

1) The leaders of the Conservative Party do not have the mental capacity to understand that the core dynamic in British and Western political economy is "corporatist" not "capitalist". Therefore, while they rightly try to help "business", they are incapable of understanding that it is small business (capitalism), not big business directly connected to the state (corporatism) that makes a free and dynamic society move.


2) The -- ooh, get all wobbly here -- announcement by Chancellor Osborne of a "national living wage" is yet another demonstration of the Cameroon desperation to be accepted by the Guardian/BBC Leftist axis. Yes, if a magic wand existed, there'd be a "national living wage" of 500 pounds an hour.  But what is a Conservative government playing it with nonsense like this?

Pure populism from shallow opportunists who want to remain in power, that's what. Meanwhile, Maggie is turning in her grave..

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