EU tyranny finally crushes the birthplace of democracy

The big lesson the EU has "learned" from the Greek crisis is that the democratic will of the people must be suppressed even further. As Brussels crushes democracy in its birthplace, the seeds of a neo-authoritarian superstate have been definitevely sown

It started in Greece. The EU wants it to end in Greece
Chris Carter
On 14 July 2015 06:35

After around 17 hours of emergency talks in Brussels, a "deal" was finally been reached over a third bailout for Greece. According to EU President Donald Tusk, Eurozone leaders reached a "unanimous" agreement.

Yet it appears the cost for this agreement is nothing less than the surrender by the Greek government of its fiscal autonomy. Greece has been given a deadline of Wednesday to pass reform laws demanded by the Eurozone. Greek Prime Minister Tsipras has tried to stand up to the EU and has ultimately failed; the austerity he opposed in the Greek referendum has been forced upon his country with a vengeance.

The will of the Greek people has been trampled underfoot by the agenda of the EU’s leading nations, in particular Germany. Angela Merkel has forced the Greek negotiators to agree to the major financial reforms German creditors demanded. In effect, she is dictating the economic policy of ‘independent’ nations from Berlin under the guise of Brussels.

The agreement marks a significant moment in the development of the EU. Previously, the EU hierarchy did not possesses the power to force major economic decisions upon its members.

It could request shifts in economic policy, but ultimately the power remained in the hands of elected governments. This weekend has proven the naivety of those Europhiles in the UK who believe that the political power and authority of Brussels has reached its limit.

The Greek crisis has been a tough lesson for the EU, one which its leaders have resolved to learn from. They are determined they will not be humiliated again as they were in the Greek referendum, and they believe the simplest way to ensure this is to have no more referendums.

President Jean Claude Juncker’s description of the Greek referendum as ‘illegal’ is a worrying development. In the future will the EU assume the powers to decide whether a referendum called by a democratically elected government is legitimate or not? Such a development would pose a huge threat to the European democratic tradition.

For the EU, revenge is a dish best served hot. Forcing Tsipras and the Greek government to concede to even tougher austerity measures is just the start.

They know they have forced Tsipras in between a rock and a hard place -- either he accepts their austerity measures, which Greeks have already voted strongly against, or he takes his country out of the Euro, an equally unpopular policy.

The EU leadership are certain this crisis will be a disaster for Tsipras’ hard Left party SYRIZA and they intend to use Greece as an example to keep the rest of southern Europe in line. Other anti-austerity parties across Europe will fear such a fate.

The Greek crisis has ultimately revealed the EU leadership at its worst, driven by the desire for control and the willingness to stamp out any signs of resistance. These are attributes which would not be dissimilar to those found in other authoritarian regimes of the 20th century.

The crisis during these last couple of weeks over Greece, and over the last five years, is just the beginning of a series of future crises which will continue to crop up over this sadly managed economy. The fundamental flaws in the Euro have and will not be corrected and it will be the people of Europe who will ultimately suffer.

If the popular mandate of an elected government in the birthplace of Democracy can be completely overruled by the EU, then what chance does the rest of Europe have?

It is true the Greek government, burdened with huge amounts of debt and ultimately unwilling to leave the euro, was perhaps not the strongest possible opponent for the EU, yet its defeat is still a crucial moment for Europe.

Once the EU has crushed one opponent, it becomes easier for them to destroy another. All despotic regimes begin with small steps which, if left unchecked, will gradually increase in both size and aggression.

The EU is no different. Its leadership, under the watchful eye of the German Chancellor, will gradually increase its power over all its member states. The only option for ourselves is to Get Britain Out of the increasingly tyrannical EU as soon as possible.

Chris Carter is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out

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