Iran deal: Obama's global multiculturalism gone mad

It's official. The Iran deal proves beyond doubt that Obama's central foreign policy ambition is to leave the world a more dangerous place than he found it. It is global multiculturalism gone mad

When will Obama's policies go bang?
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On 15 July 2015 06:30

Widely billed as the first post-American president, Barack Obama has now nailed his colours firmly to the mast, to be left there for posterity. While most politicians would at least claim that they entered the political fray so as to leave the world a better place than they found it, the nuclear deal with Iran proves beyond doubt that Obama intends to bequeath a more dangerous one.

His thinly veiled excuse is that something had to be done with Iran, and that there was no appetite for a military intervention that may not have worked anyway.

But this misses the point. The deal we have which kinda offers some sort of verification, and kinda prevents further enrichment, and could kinda be enforced if they renege and kinda expires in a decade or so anyway, frankly amounts to a capitulation.

In yet another instance of Obama's defeatist stance, the administration approached the whole situation without truly understanding (or without wanting truly to understand) that the West held all the best cards.

Our military capacity is vast compared with Iran's, as is the economic stick we could wield if we wanted to. This should not have been a process where two equal parties came together and hammered out a deal.

It should have been almost wholly one-sided. While we could not have dictated terms entirely, we could have surely shown who was boss.

But that would go against Obama's global multiculturalism: all regimes and systems are equal, and we must treat them as equals -- both in moral and power-politics terms -- even if they are not.

As Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum put it yesterday:

"The conduct of the Iran nuclear negotiations has been wretched, with the Obama administration inconsistent, capitulating, exaggerating, and even deceitful. It forcefully demanded certain terms, then soon after conceded these same terms."

Turning to the deal itself, Pipes added:

"The agreement... ends the economic sanctions regime, permits the Iranians to hide much of their nuclear activities, lacks enforcement in case of Iranian deceit, and expires in slightly more than a decade.

"Two problems particularly stand out: The Iranian path to nuclear weapons has been eased and legitimated; Tehran will receive a "signing bonus" of some US$150 billion that greatly increases its abilities to aggress in the Middle East and beyond."

We have been laughing at Barack Obama's foreign policy incompetence for more than six years. The problem is that one of the most dangerous regimes in the world is now laughing at him too, and it is we who may ultimately pay the price.

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