Poll: Labour's far-Left Jeremy Corbyn storms ahead in leadership race

Far-Left Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has a 17 percentage point lead, according to the latest poll which has sent Conservatives cock-a-hoop

by the commentator on 22 July 2015 05:11


A YouGov opinion poll for The Times has given far-Left candidate Jeremy Corbyn a commanding lead among Labour Party members in the race to become the party's next leader.

Corbyn polled 43 percent in terms of first preferences, compared with 26 percent for Andy Burnham, 20 percent for Yvette Cooper, and 11 percent for Liz Kendall.

Close observers say the fact that Corbyn -- who holds what many view as extreme anti-Western views and was a strong supporter of unilateral disarmament during the Cold War -- is doing so well indicates that significant sections of the Labour Party's activist core never really shed old-Left baggage.

In a run-off vote among the two top candidates, the poll predicted that Corbyn would beat Burnham by 53 percent to 47 percent.

Conservatives are delighted at the poll, hoping that Corbyn -- who commands little support among the wider public -- will win through, thus consigning Labour to electoral oblivion for a generation.

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