Officially praised British Muslim school has banned mixing with infidels

A Muslim school in West Yorkshire has been praised by the British government's official education watchdog despite banning pupils from speaking to infidels or watching mainstream television

by the commentator on 25 July 2015 05:06


Less than a week after Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a landmark speech pledging to get tough on Muslims who push an extremist narrative, Sky News has uncovered shocking revelations about an Islamic boarding school in the north of England that has received praise for its standards by the official education watchdog, Ofsted.

According to guidelines given to parents by the Islamic Institute of Education in Dewsbury, pupils at the school must strictly observe sharia law.

This includes a ban on wearing anything other than Islamic dress, watching mainstream television or listening to mainstream radio, reading newspapers, and using mobile phones, cameras and iPlayers.

The injunctions apply both inside and outside school hours. Worse still, parents were warned that if their children were caught, "socialising with outsiders...[they] will be expelled if there is no improvement after cautioning."

Dewsbury is in West Yorkshire, close to Leeds where three of the four 7/7 bombers came from. The fourth was from Huddersfield, which is also close by.

The school is housed in a Mosque, and, according to Sky, is run by the Tablighi Jamaat sect.

Ofsted's last report on the school said: "The Islamic Institute of Education provides a good quality of education and meets its stated aims very well."

Ofsted says its appraisal was conducted in 2011, before a commitment to "British Values" became part of its official inspection framework.

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