Labour meltdown: They're more unelectable than ever, poll suggests

Labour's meltdown continues, with a new poll showing more than three quarters of voters think the party is even less electable than at the general election. It could get worse still if far-Left candidate Jeremy Corbyn wins the party's leadership race

by the commentator on 28 July 2015 06:20


A new opinion poll by ORB for The Independent newspaper suggests that the Labour Party is in even worse electoral shape than when Ed Miliband led the party to a crushing defeat at the May general election.

According to the poll's findings, 76 percent of people think Labour is less electable than in May, while just 24 percent take the opposite view.

The ORB poll comes hard on the heels of two other surveys this month which make for depressing news for the main party of the British Left.

A focus-group based analysis of previously loyal Labour voters by Alan Barnard and John Braggins of BBM Campaigns found that many of those who switched to other parties at the general election are never coming back.

Meanwhile, a recent YouGov poll for The Times put far-Left candidate Jeremy Corbyn 17 percentage points ahead of his nearest rival in the race to be the next Labour leader.

The above mentioned article in The Independent also quoted a study by the Fabian Society showing that a lurch to the left could harm Labour still further.

"It dismisses the idea, favoured by some on Labour’s left, that the party should target Green and Liberal Democrat voters -- a course likely to be pursued if Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing candidate who is making the running in the Labour leadership election, wins the contest.

"The Fabians found that, of the 83 seats Labour needs to gain in England next time, only 26 would be won if everyone who voted Lib Dem or Green this year switched to Labour -- requiring an unlikely collapse of both parties."

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