Ed Miliband has "buggered off to Australia", as legacy risks turning into mother of all disasters

Ed Miliband has attracted the fury of Labour MPs for totally botching party leadership election rules which have put Jeremy Corbyn in front place. Meanwhile, he has been slammed for having "buggered off to Australia" while the proverbial hits the fan

by the commentator on 18 August 2015 07:39


One-nation Ed Miliband appears to have voted in the Labour leadership election with his feet (or at least his airline ticket). The one nation he's not going to be in while his already disastrous legacy slips even further down the toilet of history is Britain.

The Times heads its front page today with, "Ed Miliband jets off to escape Labour leadership blame game." He hasn't just nipped across the Channel to escape those awkward questions, he's gone to the other side of the world: to Australia.

According to the paper, Pat McFadden, shadow Europe minister, has laid into Labour's former leader for botched leadership rule changes that mean the Unite union will have one in six of the votes in a contest that far-Left candidate Jeremy Corbyn is now widely tipped to win.

Referring to Miliband's trip to Oz, The Times reported:

"Other Labour MPs said that the reforms were the former Labour leader's worst legacy, while a leading party figure claimed that Mr Miliband had dumped the fallout 'in our front room' and then 'buggered off to Australia.'"

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