CommentatorTV: Occupy LSX - the solution is eco-villages and ‘taking over lands’!

The Commentator team visited Paternoster Square on Wednesday night to speak to the Occupy Movement. Here's what we found

St. Paul's is a playground for pinkos
The Commentator
On 4 November 2011 17:02

When we visited the OccupyLSX camp in London, we half expected at least some coherent ideas. Alas - we got nought but comedy value. 

‘The old blitz spirit’, ‘Gaddafi was our friend’ and ‘I remember Thatcher!’ – these were just some of the rambling incoherencies of the #OccupyLSX crowd that The Commentator visited on Wednesday night.

One disheveled old man insisted he was going to propose a ‘revolutionary idea’ to the Bank of England the next day – we’ve yet to hear a peep of it.

And though hilarious it may all have been, it was also rather sad and pathetic. We half expected to go down to Paternoster Square and be confronted with at least some cogent arguments about why the capitalist (actually, corporatist) system has failed – and hear some credible solutions. 

Call us doe-eyed to think this ever could have been – there wasn’t a serious proposition in the pack.

We spoke to Socialist Workers, Greenpeace activists, keffiyeh-sporting youths and a man who ‘remembers the last war’. None had anything remotely interesting to say and in fact spent so much time unknowingly lampooning themselves and their comrades that we had no choice but to throw together a ‘best of’ YouTube video, as below.

We think it’s pretty funny and telling of the Occupy movement as a whole. Share it with your friends, on Twitter and Facebook too and feel free to leave comments below.

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