The ghost of the Grand Mufti lives on

In a recent broadcast on a top-rated Egyptian TV show, viewers were told that Jews attack Egypt by, inter alia, manipulating the weather, causing earthquakes, and firing meteors from outer space. There is a sickness at the heart of a political culture that produces such twisted nonsense

The Grand Mufti meets Hitler in 1941
Dexter Van Zile
On 24 September 2015 11:23

The ghost of Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who broadcast Nazi antisemitism into the Middle East from Germany during World War, II is alive and well. The ghost’s last known sighting was on a TV show hosted by Tamer Amin, a well-known and popular media personality in Egypt.

I'd use the word "journalist", but very few people are going to mistake Amin for a responsible journalist.

When an Egyptian woman was sexually assaulted at Cairo University and the event caught on video in March 2014, Amin told his audience that she asked for the assault by dressing provocatively. “She was dressed like a hooker,” Amin said, adding that while her attackers should be punished for violating Islamic law, he blamed the victim for the way she dressed and her parents for letting her out of the house dressed as she was.

If a television personality in the West talked like this, it would probably be the end of their career, but not for Amin, who hosts a show called Men Al Ahar (“From the Other,”) on Misreah Network in Egypt.

On September 5, 2015, Amin hosted a long interview with two commentators, one a former soldier and another an academic who spoke of a world-wide conspiracy of Jews who seek to oppress and conquer Egypt through the use of “fifth generation” technology that includes controlling the weather, causing earthquakes, floods and meteors from outer space to assault the land of the Nile.

Amin was subsequently mocked and attacked for allowing his guests to spout such insanity without challenge as well he should be. His audience is a country of approximate 90 million people and an illiteracy rate of more than 25 percent. Moreover, his show is accessible to Arab-speakers throughout the world, many of whom live in the United States and Europe.

The primary source for this antisemitic fantasy was Major General Husam Swalen, who was presented as a military expert. Swalen told Amin that George W. Bush gave Israel 350 nuclear bombs that it has installed in its embassies throughout the world.”

Never mind that Israel only has a combined total of about 100 embassies and consulates. Apparently, in Swalen’s mind, Israel really wants to make sure it can nuke you when you apply for a visa.

Swalen also told his host that there is a Supreme Council of the World controlled by a small number of people including Henry Kissinger, the Rockefeller family and (you guessed it!) the Rothschilds that controls the actions of all of the major powers in the international system.

And of course, this Supreme Council of the World, which is a global Zionist conspiracy, has evil designs on Egypt. The group is now so bold that it does not care any more if its existence is revealed.

At one point, Amin, the ever-vigilant journalist says “You are telling me, you want me to believe that the entire world is controlled by Jews.”

“Yes, of course,” Swalen responds.

To buttress his point, he invokes one of the Islamic hadiths that says that Egypt will be the target of evil conspiracies but that Muhammad and Allah will protect the country from its enemies.

Things get really crazy during the interview when Amged Mustafa Ismail, who has a Ph.D. in something called “technical philosophy” shows up to speak about the weapons that Egypt’s enemies are preparing.

These new weapons, Ismail reports, are based on the ability to control nature and the universe. These skills, by the way, were first discovered by ancient Egyptians. Ismail's remarks prompted Amin to comment that this technology was, “stolen from us and used against us.”

Ismail counts off the new weapons on his fingers as he lists them. They include the ability to control and direct meteors, lightening, volcanoes, earthquake, droughts and floods.

“They control everything,” Ismail reports.

At this point, Amin turns to General Swalen, who smiles as he hears Ismail’s testimony. “Why are you so bubbly, Amin asks. “You make it sound like a comedy show.”

Swalen states that sharing this knowledge is the first step to being able to defend against such threats. Earlier in the show, Swalen had stated that in light of these threats, it’s important for the Egyptian people to unite around their army.

It is all to easy to laugh at such insane commentary and to dismiss Amin as the bottom-feeder that he is. But when ideas such as the one propounded on his show take root in a countries' collective minds, people lose the ability to confront reality as it is.

All the problems and threats they face become the fault of the Jews and not the fault or responsibility of the people in charge. Sometimes, things get pretty ludicrous. When a crane fell in Mecca on Sept. 11, 2015, an astrologer in Egypt asserted it was the fault of the Jews.

Ideas like this have real and violent consequences. In 2012, when an Egyptian television showed tricked an actor into thinking that he was appearing on Channel Two In Israel, he attacked the host, physically. He slapped her in the face on live television. And rather than being condemned for hitting a woman, he was applauded for his hostility toward Israel.

After what happened to Europe in the 20th century when antisemitism became the hegemonic ideology, one would think a figure like Amin would fight, not promote, ideas such as this in the 21st century.

Apparently, Amin, a well-heeled and successful media personality in Egypt, wants to keep his audience in bondage and lead them into disaster.

Dexter Van Zile is Christian Media Analyst for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)

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