Freedom Waves to Gaza and the audacity of 'social justice'

The “activists” involved in the recent "Freedom Waves to Gaza" flotilla wanted confrontation, they wanted the IDF to physically attack them, and they wanted to become martyrs for the Palestinians cause.

A previous attempt at breaking the Israeli blockade of Gaza.
Emily Schrader
On 7 November 2011 14:22

When a tragic earthquake hit Turkey on October 23, Israel was among the first responders to the scene, despite the recent tensions between the two states.

One would think that Turkey would be reluctant to increase those tensions in light of their circumstances, but nonetheless, at the beginning of this month two yachts set sail from Turkey to defy the Gaza Blockade (though no Turkish citizens were involved).

The “Freedom Waves to Gaza” flotilla carried pro-Palestinians activists who were Canadian, American, and Irish, and set sail with the intention of delivering “medical supplies,” despite the fact that as many as 19 truckloads of medical supplies are delivered daily from Israel.

According to Ynet News, the activist bunch, whose nobility is sure to be admired by all, informed the Israeli Navy that their destination was “‘the human compass’ and later changed their answer to ‘betterment of humanity.’”

Despite their nauseatingly self-righteous statements, when the ships were intercepted on November 4th, Israel Defence Force officials reported that there was no humanitarian aid on board, strongly indicating that the flotilla was not about Gaza or assisting the Palestinians, but about initiating problems with Israel. 

Reports stated that the IDF first warned the ships to turn around, then suggested changing course to an Egyptian port, then peacefully boarded the ships and searched them for weapons. Upon arrival in Ashdod, the “activists” were detained. I suppose now they can pat themselves on the back for “fighting the good fight,” (also known as breaking the law, getting arrested and getting deported).

Furthering this idea that the flotilla is about the warm and fuzzy, I’m-a-good-person movement and not a real humanitarian issue, the organizers of the “Freedom Waves to Gaza” stated that, "they prefer reaching Gaza in the daytime, to maximize their media exposure.

"Yes, you read that correctly; they prefer more media exposure, yet had no humanitarian aid on board.

It is difficult to imagine a group of people whose intentions are less obvious. These “activists” wanted confrontation, they wanted the IDF to physically attack them, and they wanted to become martyrs for the Palestinians cause.

Despite the fact they didn’t make it to Gaza, these activists did indeed achieve their goal. Congratulations, ill-informed social justice drones, you can now claim that you were detained by the Israelis because you broke an international law. Next step? Prepare for your speaking tour about Israeli mistreatment of “social justice activists” across college campuses in the United States.

Ironically, it can be strongly argued the only group that has demonstrated true compassion for the Palestinian people and recognition of their human rights is the Israelis.

One need only look at the multiple stories of Gazans using entrance into Israel for life-saving surgeries to attack Israel to see who continues to give, despite the very serious threat to innocent Israeli lives.

Emily Scrader is a researcher for a pro-Israel education organisation and a blogger at 

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