Corbyn and the Queen: The man who hates Britain

As a fully fledged member of CND, Jeremy Corbyn had no problem kneeling before the Soviet Union during the Cold War. But he won't kneel before the Queen. He truly is the man who hates Britain

Corbyn the patriot...NOT
the commentator
On 8 October 2015 10:56

So, Jeremy Corbyn, who, with tragicomic irony, holds the title,  Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition, didn't want to attend a meeting of the Privy Council in case he had to kneel before the Queen at his swearing in ceremony.

As a fully fledged member of CND, he had no problem kneeling before the Soviet Union during the Cold War. His figurative kneelings have also been extended to those delicate flowers in Hezbollah and Hamas.

But a literal 5 second kneeling before the British head of state? Perish the thought!

The question of our constitutional monarchy can be made as simple or as complicated as you like. But in the end, there is a settled consensus in this country that it is central to our national identity.

Jeremy Corbyn would undoubtedly say that the British people are the victims of some kind of "false consciousness". If so, it's been going on for centuries, and it's a complex most of us are perfectly content with.

But it's not just us. The Queen is held in the highest respect across the world, admired across the continents from Africa, through Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australasia.

It's quite possible that we're all suffering from this madness, all of us apart from Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party that elected him so overwhelmingly.

Apart from not liking our monarchy, he also doesn't like the fact that we have a credible national defence policy. Neither is he overly keen on economic arrangements that, warts and all, have provided unparalleled prosperity to Britons across the social spectrum.

In fact, Jeremy Corbyn doesn't seem to like modern Britain very much at all.

Fair enough. We'll see how much modern Britain likes him at the 2020 election.

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