Hillary Clinton’s increasingly awkward campaign

Even leaving Hillary's awkwardness aside, the Clintons are a walking scandal machine. Essentially, this is not a couple that deserves more time in the White House, is it?

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Taylor Dibbert
On 10 October 2015 09:51

Well, it’s happened. Hillary Clinton has recently stated that she’s against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). This has occurred in spite of the fact that Clinton played a major role in negotiating the deal during her tenure as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

What’s really going on here?

Clinton is obviously trying to shore up support from the base of the Democratic Party, but it’s sad that she’s having to go this far to do it. According to CNN, Clinton has spoken up in favor of TPP on 45 occasions.

This is quite the volte-face. Frankly, the whole thing feels a bit slimy and opportunistic. Should that come as a surprise to anyone?

The Clintons love slimy.

The Clintons love opportunistic.

This is all quite Clintonesque.

Clinton’s campaign has been consistently unimpressive; she and her team may be getting a bit paranoid now. Even if current Vice President Joe Biden declares his candidacy, Clinton is still likely to win the Democratic nomination. Bernie Sanders is running an admirable campaign, although it’s highly unlikely he’ll prevail either.

And, while the race on the Republican side remains chaotic and underwhelming, there’s reason to believe that Republicans will eventually rally around a reasonable candidate who actually has a chance of winning a general election.

Let’s return to Clinton’s soporific, awkward campaign for a moment. The American public has been reminded of how stiff and inauthentic she is. It’s not been comforting.

Do Americans really want someone like her running the country?

Leaving her awkwardness aside, the Clintons are a walking scandal machine. Essentially, this is not a couple that deserves more time in the White House.

Besides, TPP is one of the few things that the Obama administration is actually getting right. The promotion of free trade is an essential component of U.S. global leadership.

The fact that this deal focuses on the Asia-Pacific makes it that much more important; Americans should want to be deeply connected to this vital region.

The TPP is by no means a done deal. And while no trade agreement is flawless, there is plenty in the TPP that merits approbation. To repeat, Clinton supported the deal too; she spoke out in favor of it on dozens of occasions.

Too bad she’s forgotten what genuine leadership looks like.

Taylor Dibbert is a freelance writer and a Penn Kemble Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The views expressed here are his alone. Follow him on Twitter @taylordibbert

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