Digital manufacturing on the rise in Europe says Proto Labs CEO

Vicki Holt, CEO, Proto Labs says she believes growth in high tech manufacturing is returning to the European region with customers seeking 3D printing capabilities following the company’s acquisition of Alphaform AG

by the commentator on 14 October 2015 12:46


Demand of digital manufacturing is on the rise in Europe, according to Vicki Holt, CEO of prototype specialists Proto Labs. Speaking on CNBC World Exchange this morning, Holt said she was very excited about growth in the European region.

“We don’t make things the way we used to…. it’s a combination of information technology and hardware,” she said.

Holt also discussed the company’s acquisition of German-based manufacturer Alphaform AG, which has service bureau facilities in Feldkirchen and Eschenlohe, as well as in Finland, and the United Kingdom.

“We’ve added 3D printing to our suite of digital manufacturing services and by acquiring Alphaform it’s accelerating our growth in 3D printing coupled with our other services.”

“We take information technology and virtually manufacture parts in matter of minutes, creating the finished part in as little as a day,” she added. 

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