Palestinian deformative years

Teach kids colours, numbers and their ABCs and they’ll embrace life and adulthood. Teach killing, nihilism and AK-47s and they’ll embrace death and the afterlife. Palestinian children are brainwashed right from the start. Rejectionism and the cult of death are at the core of their culture

Palestinian's at school. But what are they learning?
Richard Ferrer
On 22 October 2015 10:49

Today’s column is brought to you by the letter ‘J’ for jihad and number 72 for virgins in paradise.

Once upon a time there was a little mouse called Farfour [Mickey's copyright infringing twin], star of a children’s show called Tomorrow’s Pioneers on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV. Farfour loved to tell all the boys and girls about world Islamic supremacy and how an AK-47 assault rifle would one day ”liberate all of Palestine”.

And the children squealed: “Oh Jerusalem, it’s the time of death and we will fight a war!” Farfour squeaked his last in a touching season finale, which saw him “martyred” at the hands of Israeli soldiers while “defending his land”.

He was replaced by Assoud the rabble-rousing rabbit, who told the boys and girls he’d “finish off the Jews and eat them” before joining Farfour in paradise at the hands of Zionists -- but not before urging them on his deathbed to “fight and die to liberate Tel Aviv.”

We all fondly recall the positive impact our favourite children’s TV characters had on our formative years. For me it was the Green Cross Code Man and Windy Miller (watch out for those windmill sails, Windy!) Well, thanks to the sick society they’re born into, Palestinian children have ‘deformative’ years.

Last night my two-year-old watched Peppa Pig, who playfully jumps in muddy puddles. Last night Palestinian two-year-olds watched Nahoul the Hamas bumble bee, who violently “punches Jews and turns their faces into tomatoes”.

Teach kids colours, numbers and their ABCs and they’ll embrace life and adulthood. Teach killing, nihilism and AK-47s and they’ll embrace death and the afterlife. The BBC might consider selling the rights for Basil Brush to Al-Aqsa TV. They’d love his catchphrase.

This totalitarian propaganda, more anti-Semitic than anything Joseph Goebbels dreamed up, has warped susceptible minds for decades. It’s intoxicating stuff, provoking a conditioned Pavlov’s dog response in the subject.

So for the past three weeks the same toddlers who told Farfour, “We will fight a war!” have as adults been avenging his martyrdom with kitchen knives and meat cleavers -- hacking down Jews in the street in scenes reminiscent of the murder of Lee Rigby here in the U.K.

Last week, a diagram emerged showing children how to stab a Jew. For any Palestinians reading this, the most effective way to butcher me is to plunge the knife through my skull, right common carotid artery or left or right clavicles. That’ll teach me to be born.

This so-called ‘knife intifada’ has nothing to do with occupation or liberation and everything to do with a Palestinian’s favourite pastime: Jew hating.

And what do the world’s media and politicians do when confronted with the savage symptoms of this self-inflicted sickness? They continue to stick the proverbial knife in -- condemning the violence on BOTH sides; they blur the line between victims and cold-blooded killers; they frame the violence as cause and effect; they absolve Palestinian society of any duty to act morally, treating them as irresponsible toddlers who think stamping their feet is the solution to -- not the cause of -- their problems.

Lord Michael Grade and former Communities Secretary Sir Eric Pickles nailed it this week when they accused the British media and Foreign Office, in turn, of “promoting equivalence between the Palestinians perpetrators and their victims” and “turning a blind eye to the Palestinian propagators of vile ideology.”

Can we fix it? Well, probably no, we can’t. It’s always been this way. From early childhood, Jews are made the object of hatred and disgust, responsible for the failures in the Muslim world. It was as true before 1948 as it is today. Palestinians are not taught to hate Israelis because of Israel. They are taught to hate Jews because they are Jews.

Golda Meir, one of the founders of the State of Israel, knew this half a century ago, when she said: “Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.”

Of course Palestinians are entitled to a country of their own -- even one that will, inevitably, like other Arab states, persecute other faiths and gays and women who drive and people on Twitter. A state like Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Libya, Oman, Algeria, Iran and 10 more where Israelis are forbidden.

It will be tyrannical, oppressive and pose a clear and present danger to the region. But, yes, the Palestinians deserve to call it their own. Israelis know and respect this. Because you have to be a grown up to make compromises, to see the bigger picture and plan for the future. You don’t throw tantrums and stones. You make adult choices.

At ominous times like this, with Israelis forced to use umbrellas and selfie sticks to defend themselves from brainwashed savages -- and incidents of Islamic anti-Semitism across Europe at record levels -- wishy-washy responses to Jew-hate and distorted media coverage of Israel’s plight only serves to fan the flames of ignorance and intolerance in this interminable conflict.

Richard Ferrer is the Editor of the Jewish News. He’s also worked at the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, and edited the Boston Jewish Advocate. Follow him on Twitter @RichFerrer

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