What a Load of EU Sewage

Eurosceptics are fond of saying that the EU is flushing our money down the toilet. But in this case from Greece, it is literally true, except they forget to put the connecting pipes in so, in truth, it's not even going down the toilet. Get Britain out of this mess, asap

This is where the EU is flushing your money
Rob Comley
On 13 November 2015 08:49

Whenever a scandal in Brussels breaks, Eurosceptics are often told by the opposition that they are making up lies and peddling untruths -- that the EU does not waste money on useless projects. Some even laughably suggest every penny of British taxpayers’ money is spent on worthwhile causes.

Well, here is one EU project for you to make up your own mind on.

Most of us are no longer surprised when the EU wastes money on complete sewage, but we never thought we would see it in quite the literal sense.

Get Britain Out has uncovered the following in the EU's 2014 Audit accounts, released this week:

"Project delivered but remains unused: A CF project in Greece consisted of the construction of a sewage plant and of a sewerage network for two municipalities. The infrastructure works were completed in 2013. However, the project cannot be used until connections from private households and industry to the sewerage network are also constructed.

"From the initial announcement of the project (in 2006) the municipality had enough time to design and implement such connections to the sewerage network. However, at the end of 2014, our audit found that such connections were still not in place. The project of the private connections has been procured during 2015."

Millions of Euros were spent on building this sewage plant in Greece, but they forgot one important factor. They forgot to build the connecting tunnels between the sewage plant and the businesses and homes of those who need to dispose of their ‘waste’. A full 8 years later -- at the close of 2014 when the EU’s audit was completed -- the plumbing had still not been connected.

The annual audit often gives those in the Leave camp a treat or two.

Other blunders include aid supposedly for farming land in Spain being handed over to a motocross track, as well as grants also being paid in various countries for profitable “permanent grassland,” which were instead full of bushes, trees and rocks.

The audit also found that for the 21st year in a row some budget payments were supposedly not in line with “EU rules”. These totalled 4.4 percent of the total payments made by the EU -- or a whopping £4.5billion. Not only is British money being spent by members of the EU Commission we haven’t voted for, it is being spent against the rules of the club.

Let’s remember there is no such thing as EU money, only taxpayers’ money. Money we are all working hard for is being squandered on useless projects on a grand scale which sit dormant for years.

Another load of money has been flushed down the toilet by the European Union, and this is just another reason we must Get Britain Out

Rob Comley is a researcher for the cross-party grassroots Eurosceptic campaign group Get Britain Out

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