INSTANT VIEW: Paris attacks, West's ambiguity on Jihad

The tragic terror attacks in Paris were all too predictable. The West has an ambiguous approach to the jihad, as we see over Israel, and a broad denial about what it is we are at war with

The streets of Paris are bathed in blood
the commentator
On 13 November 2015 23:03

For the second time this year, the global jihad has come to Paris. Dozens have been slaughtered, and it may not be over yet. First thoughts, of course, go to the families.

As night turns into morning, there will be people in the French capital who still do not know if their loved ones are alive or dead.

But we must also turn our attention to the perpetrators. During and after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, France and much of the wider West descended into denial. Incredibly, political leaders and many journalists in the mainstream media described the events as "an attack on Islam".

The BBC was reluctant to even mention the Islamic motivations of the attackers.

We are at war. And if we frightened to name our enemies, it is a war we are going to lose.

Let us also recall that Western policy towards terrorism has been ambiguous, and nowhere has that ambiguity been more apparent than over the State of Israel, the front-line Western country in a decades-long struggle against the jihad.

Far too often -- and we have seen it in the recent (and ongoing) "knife intifada" -- mainstream media and political and societal leaders have drawn an equivalence between dead Israeli civilians and their murderous, Islamist killers.

Obviously, no-one should blame Muslims in general. Many thousands have themselves been killed by the Islamists. But Islamism is an outcrop of Islam and it is borderline insane to deny it.

Expect quite a lot of insanity from the mainstream West in the days and weeks to come.

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