David Cameron braced for Newsnight investigation into Tory suicide

UPDATE: SEE LAST PARAGRAPH. As Cabinet Minister Robert Halfon admits a steamy affair with head of the Tory Youth Movement, Newsnight is set to broadcast an explosive report into the circumstances surrounding the suicide of Young Tory Elliott Johnson [Photo: Mark Clarke and Sam Armstrong]

by the commentator on 15 November 2015 23:35


Prime Minister David Cameron and Number 10 are preparing for an explosive Newsnight documentary into allegations of sexual abuse, blackmail, bullying and the suicide of young Tory Elliott Johnson, The Commentator can reveal.  

The report is understood to include testimonies from a variety of youngsters who claim they were sexually assaulted in or near the Roadtrip campervan during the party’s election campaign.

This evening Cabinet Minister Rob Halfon confessed to an affair with a Young Tory, again surrounding allegations that he was being photographed as part of a blackmail plot.

The allegation is that Tory Sam Armstrong hid in the foliage outside the East India Club with a polaroid camera hoping to take snaps of the pair following a love-making session. It is understood that he missed the pair after being stung by nettles and thus the plot failed. 

Armstrong told reporters that he spent his time packing leaflets on the campaign trail and denied taking the snaps.

But a source said, “Armstrong has the integrity of the Iraqi Information Minister, he’s a weirdo and everyone saw what he was up to in Cannock Chase in the nightclub.”

Amongst the dossier of filth obtained by Newsnight is the allegation that a young teenager was duped by a Fake social media account and filmed masturbating via Skype. He was then threatened with blackmail.

Another young girl was filmed with hidden cameras and entrapped in a drugs sting.

Meanwhile Baroness Emma Pidding – famous for her blonde-beehive haircut - has come under fire for enjoying a peerage despite being chief of the Road Trip campaign during the bullying scandal. One Twitter user called @jennywhojenny said, “Emma Pidding looks like Myra Hindley, my eyes cannot unsee!”

This evening, Tory Mark Clarke, who has been suspended said he denies the allegations.

In related news, allegations under the Fraud Act and the Serious Crime Act regarding UKIP and the Conservative Party remain uninvestigated by the police.

This raises questions about the rule of law, analysts say, and the possible complicity of the Metropolitan Police in (objectively speaking) perverting the course of justice on behalf of criminals.

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