Tatler Tory Mark Clarke to be expelled ahead of 'devastating' Newsnight report

Senior Conservative sources met last night and are preparing to expel Mark Clarke from the Conservative Party ahead of an ‘explosive’ Newsnight investigation, according to well-placed sources

by the commentator on 18 November 2015 14:06


Top Tories met in secret last night to discuss expelling Tatler Tory Mark Clarke from the Conservative Party, The Commentator can reveal. The news comes ahead of an explosive Newsnight report scheduled to be broadcast this evening making allegations of sexual assault, bullying and blackmail around the party’s Road Trip campaign.

A senior Conservative source told The Commentator that the meeting took place to discuss how to handle ‘The Clarke situation’ and the possibility of expelling him from the party was decided as the preferred option.

Clarke was suspended from the party following the suicide of 21-year of Elliott Johnson who killed himself amid allegations of bullying.

Earlier this week, Cabinet Minister Robert Halfon confessed to an affair with the head of the Tory youth movement, citing fears of blackmail.

Clarke denies all allegations of wrongdoing. 

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