Newsnight: Conservative Future leadership stripped of their positions

Alexandra Paterson, India Brummitt, Stephen Canning and Eleanor Vesey-Thompson removed from top positions as Tatler Tory Mark Clarke is banned for life from the party. Mahyar Tousi claims to have resigned from his post prior to the suspension, but the resignation was kept private until now.

by the commentator on 18 November 2015 21:40


Conservative Future’s entire leadership team has been suspended from their posts following an inquiry into sexual abuse, bullying, blackmail and molestation which has engulfed the party, The Commentator can reveal.

The news comes following the life-ban for Tatler Tory Mark Clarke who was subject to 25 complaints from youngsters on the Road Trip 2015 campaign.

Clarke forged close links with the national executive of the youth movement, which is made up of Alexandra Paterson, India Brummitt, Stephen Canning, Eleanor Vesey-Thompson. Mahyar Tousi is said to have resigned without a public announcement prior to the sackings. 

The unfolding scandal follows the suicide of 21-year old Elliot Johnson who named Clarke in a suicide note before throwing himself under a train at Sandy railway station in September.

A Newsnight documentary, due to be broadcast this evening includes interviews with victims of sexual abuse as well as astonishing claims from former Conservative Future Chairman and now MP Ben Howlett that the party failed to act on endemic bullying.

One observer, who requested anonymity, said it was "high time" the Westminster Village was cleaned up, and urged police and political parties to "follow up on leads about other cases which they have in their possession", rather than "turn a blind eye".

Clarke, for his part, continues to deny any suggestion of wrongdoing.

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