Kent police investigating Tatler Tory’s revenge porn sex video

In another exclusive story, The Commentator can confirm that the sickening sex-video allegedly taped by Tatler Tory Mark Clarke has been handed to Kent Police by the Mail on Sunday. In our exclusive report we publish new details about the disgusting tape which until now have been hidden from the public

by the commentator on 23 November 2015 19:04


The revenge-porn ransom video which has rocked the Tory Party has been passed to Kent Police, The Commentator can reveal. Yesterday the Mail on Sunday published an explosive article revealing that the video had been ‘copied’ by unseen individual and pushed to media outlets.

But well-placed sources have told The Commentator that the video can now be used as evidence to prosecute those responsible. It is understood that Police will seek to match the furniture seen in the video along with other evidence. The source, who has seen the video, claimed that at one point a child can be heard in the background.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the video was originally created after a youngster on the Road Trip campaign was duped into performing a sex act on Skype by an attractive blonde woman with a French name.

The French lady first contacted the victim on Facebook, where they exchanged messages. She later made contact on Skype, and stripped on screen in front of him. It was at that point she persuaded him to perform the explicit act on camera.

The victim now believes the woman never existed, but was a fake identity set up for the sting, which used a pre-recorded video of the strip. Shortly afterwards he was shocked to receive via Skype a demand for £2,500 – or the film would be put on his Facebook page.

Mark Clarke denied being involved, but admitted in the past that he tried to ‘expose’ the film via ‘the media’ to help prevent such scams.

Clarke was banned for life from the party following the suicide of 21-year old youngster Elliott Johnson. 

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