Tatler Tory Mark Clarke’s sinister seafood ambush exposed

New photographs reveal the venue and exact table where Tatler Tory Mark Clarke, Will Hanley, Andre Walker and India Brummitt ambushed a young Tory last week

by the commentator on 12 December 2015 18:48


This is the location where Tatler Tory Mark Clarke and his three associates ambushed and terrified young activist Patrick Sullivan who Clarke had previously threatened ‘to destroy’.

The dark corner of the Big Easy crab shack in Chelsea styles itself as a luxury seafood venue offering up lobster, ribs and chicken wings. But last week it served as a location to ambush and intimidate one of the few people brave enough to stand up to Mark Clarke’s bullying.

Whilst Clarke and his associates spent weeks on social media sites like Facebook asking for sympathy and trying to drum up support, they have also been secretly trawling through a ‘hit list’ of easy targets to threaten ahead of the Conservative Party’s official inquiry and an anticipated Police investigation.

Top of their list was Patrick Sullivan, who Clarke had screamed at after Sullivan hired Sarah-Jane Sewell into his Parliament Street organisation. Sullivan was invited out ‘for a pint’ with a close friend – who unbeknown to him was secretly working for Mark Clarke.

The supposed “friend” - Will Hanley - passed Sullivan’s location and details to Clarke who arrived Andre Walker and India Brummitt. 

As the car screeched up outside the restaurant, Clarke jumped out, leaving Sullivan shocked as he said, “What are you doing when you’re not fucking me over in the Sunday Times?” Sullivan looked at the friend, who beamed a knowing smile.

Clarke then ordered a large fish platter, whilst his female companion India Brummitt flirted with Sullivan, trying to win his trust. The two burly henchmen Will Hanley and Andre Walker  tucked into steaks and Clarke turned nasty. “I’ve never bullied you have I Patrick?” he said loudly, with his mobile phone and laptop computer on the table.

Patrick Sullivan, like Elliott Johnson, was betrayed by his friends so they could win the approval of Mark Clarke.

The news that Clarke is still out there threatening Conservative Party members will pile further pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron and Andrew Feldman, who have denied knowledge of complaints against Clarke. This week it was revealed that Richard N Jackson, who now serves in the comms team at Tory HQ made a formal complaint against Clarke about bullying in 2008.

Mark Clarke strongly denies all allegations against him, though they continue to widen.

“Mark Clarke was named in Elliott Johnson’s suicide note and his female companion seems to get off on the attention around it. It’s very creepy indeed,” says one Sullivan supporter shocked at the ambush.

“Patrick would rather have dinner with Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. The fact his location details were leaked by a supposed friend who supports Mark Clarke to this day is utterly disgusting.”

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