Liam Fox calls for Britain to leave the EU

Boost for Brexit campaign as ex-Minister reveals he supports leaving the European Union on The Andrew Marr Show as EU leaders press for closer integration

by the commentator on 20 December 2015 09:33


Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox has called for Britain to leave the European Union. Speaking on The Andrew Marr show, Fox announced his intention to support leaving the EU, and called for the debate to focus on the issues as opposed to personalities.

Fox stated that he had previously been open to a change in Britain’s relationship with the EU. But with other leaders pushing for more integration he said, “For me, it’s now very clear what direction we should take as a country.”

When asked about David Cameron’s authority to remove Brexit campaigners from the Cabinet, Fox added: “I would much prefer them to have the freedom to campaign from within the cabinet.”

Fox, a popular figure among Tory grassroots, noted also for his intellectual acumen, has seen his internal poll ratings rise as a hot favourite to succeed David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party.

Cameron has made it clear that he will not be prime minister after the 2020 general election. An unofficial leadership race is already underway, and the outcome of the EU referendum -- which must take place before the end of 2017 -- may have a big impact on who replaces Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party.

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