James Cleverly MP calls for Britain to leave the EU

Boost for the Brexit campaign as Conservative Member of Parliament for Braintree and London Assembly Member James Cleverly calls for Britain to quit the European Union

by the commentator on 4 January 2016 12:59


Leading MP James Cleverly has called for Britain to leave the EU, claiming it hinders Britain’s ability to trade across the globe. The news is a huge boost for the Brexit campaign, which has already secured the backing of former defence secretary Liam Fox

He said, “Britain is booming. British people and British businesses should be proud of what they have achieved in recent years, particularly in comparison to the slow and ponderous Eurozone. While the UK has confronted and overcome the difficulties of the last decade the EU has shown that is too inflexible to successfully handle the challenges or make the most of the opportunities of the 21st century. The last few years have convinced me that Britain would be better able to trade with emerging markets, flourish and prosper outside the EU.”

Asked what he thought of the attempts by Prime Minister David Cameron to renegotiate Britain’s terms with EU bosses, he replied

“I have not dismissed the renegotiation out of hand. I have supported the Prime Minister’s efforts to secure a new deal from the EU, but it has become clear that despite the Greek crisis, the refugee crisis, border control chaos, and economic stagnation the EU still doesn't see the need for fundamental reform.

"The case for a new relationship with European and global economies is overwhelming. The EU too often hinders Britain’s ability to trade across the globe and pursues discriminatory policies that hold back developing nations. We need new relationships and the only way that will be possible is to Vote Leave.”

Cleverly also insisted that it was only fair that the Prime Minister allow his Ministers to campaign freely in the upcoming referendum.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he said: “I think there's a big pragmatic argument for that for no other reason than the parliamentary maths... There are only 300 or so MPs from which the Prime Minister can draw a government and almost 100 seats in government to fill. I think that will be the pragmatic option."

The Sunday Times has reported that six Cabinet ministers believe Mr Cameron would have to stand down if the UK voted to leave.

Asked if the PM should stand down if Britain votes to leave, Mr Cleverly said: "I don't see that that has to be the case at all.... I think that the biggest thing for us, looking internally just for a moment, I think the biggest thing for the Conservative Party is that there will be Conservatives on both sides of the argument."

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