UK pro-EU group's infantile antics will aid Brexit

Stuart Rose -- head of the UK's pro-EU movement -- has produced an infantile video mocking alleged confusion among Brexiters. This sort of idiocy makes Brexit more likely not less

Stuart Rose; a very silly man
the commentator
On 7 January 2016 09:43

Stuart Rose, head of the campaign to keep Britain in the European Union, thinks he has just scored a nice little victory over his poor, deluded opponents campaigning for Brexit.

He's produced a short video supposedly highlighting the confusion of the Out camp by showing apparently contradictory views among Brexiters on the kind of deal Britain would get with Brussels if it votes to quit. Different views on the Swiss and Norwegian models feature strongly.

The video concludes by saying: " Confused about what 'Out' looks like? So are they."

Ta da!

This is the kind of infantilism that will play right into the Brexiters' hands. The point that Rose and company are making is idiotic. Of course those favouring Brexit cannot say in advance exactly what sort of deal Britain would get upon Brexit. It would be a matter for negotiation.

What Brexiters can do is point out that Britain would be in a very strong position to negotiate a favourable outcome. Quite sensibly, they have imported into their arguments examples of several countries with strong trading relationships with the EU.

Equally sensibly, there is debate within the Brexit camp about what we can achieve and what we should be aiming for. This is how thinking people advance.

But that's the real point, isn't it? The Europhiles are a pretty dim bunch -- think of the scale of what they have got wrong in recent years, from the euro to unlimited immigration -- and thinking arguments through is not their strong point.

It's one thing to be patronising -- and the europhiles never fail to deliver on that score -- but if you're going to patronise people you'd better be smarter than they are.

Rose and company aren't, and that's why their latest little ruse is sure to backfire.

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