INSTANT VIEW: Will UK let Putin get away with murder?

The murder on the streets of London of Alexander Litvinenko, an opponent of Vladimir Putin, marks a break-point for the UK. Putin has been named as the instigator. We can't let Putin get away with it and still retain our core values as a nation

Murdered by Putin, in Britain...
Clare George-Hilley
On 21 January 2016 16:24

Today, after a decade long battle, the wife of murdered ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko can sleep a little easier, as Sir Robert Owen concluded in his report that his murder was, "probably approved by the Russian president".

Speaking outside the High Court, Marina Litvinenko said she was, "very happy" that, "the words my husband spoke on his deathbed when he accused Mr Putin have been proved by an English court".

Fortunately for Mr Putin, our Prime Minister David Cameron and his government need Russia's loyalty and support in the battle against Daesh in Syria, so there will no serious sanctions against Putin and his cronies.

This is the first time that an independent inquiry has ever come to the conclusion that a foreign head of state has authorised the murder of a British citizen -- he gained UK citizenship just weeks before he was killed -- on British soil.

This cannot be allowed to happen again in our country, and the government's lack of serious action sets a dangerous precedent to Russia and other corrupt regimes.

We need to be robust in defending the rule of law. This cannot be allowed to stand.

Clare George-Hilley is Director of Communities and Social Justice, Parliament Street Research Council. She is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator. Follow Clare George-Hilley on Twitter: @ClareHilley

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