Vote Leave campaign launches in Hammersmith

Activists campaign in key London borough for Britain to leave the European Union as speculation gathers around the date of the official referendum

by the commentator on 23 January 2016 17:55


Dozens activists in the Vote Leave campaign held a rally in Hammersmith this morning in an effort to win over voters ahead of a crucial referendum Britain’s relationship with the European Union. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has yet to announce the official date of the vote, but that hasn’t stopped Vote Leave team members from hitting the streets and urging voters to support an exit from the EU.

Speaking to The Commentator, campaign organiser Mo Metcalf-Fisher said, “The EU is crippling Britain’s finances and we’re here today to engage with voters and build support the Vote Leave campaign. This referendum is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the British people to Vote Leave and take back control.”

Latest polling figures give the Leave campaign a steady lead, which has been boosted by senior backing from former Cabinet Minister Liam Fox and top MP James Cleverly.

A key pledge from the campaign is to stop sending £350 million every week to Brussels and instead spend it on Britain’s priorities, like the NHS and science research.

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