Tatler Tory victim calls in cops over threatening phone calls

Police set to open an investigation into a string of intimidating phone calls received by a key figure in the Tory bulling scandal as allegations of witness intimidation continue

by the commentator on 23 January 2016 18:44


Top cops are set to investigate a string of intimidating phone calls made to the home number of one of the young Tories who made a formal complaint about Tatler Tory Mark Clarke.

In an emotional interview with The Commentator, the youngster - whose identity we are protecting – broke down after describing in graphic detail the sickening calls made in the dead of night.

There is no suggestion that Clarke is responsible for the calls, but the evidence of witness intimidation will heap further pressure on Tory Chairman Andrew Feldman who infuriated victims by claiming he was wholly unaware of the allegations of bullying in the youth movement.

The victim told us that the first call was made at 12.30am at Christmas, with the caller masquerading as a journalist. The second call was made last week at 1.30am to the victim’s family home via the landline. In addition, the victim has received a string of sickening text messages and threats, which have now been passed to the Police.  

The victim said, “I have my suspicions about the people behind this intimidation and it could well be the supporters of Mark Clarke.”

Clarke was banned from the Conservative Party for life after the suicide of 21-year-old Elliott Johnson who Clarke had pinned to chair in a pub.

Clarke strenuously denies allegations of blackmail, sexual assault, bullying, threatening behaviour, harassment, promising a legal case of defamation in the High Court following the inquest into Johnson’s death.

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