EU puts UK/Australia special relationship at risk

The EU is crippling Britain's historic relationship with Australia, with complex, expensive visa processes that overshadow our shared values in the Commonwealth. Yet anyone born in the EU can just walk straight in. It's time to quit the European Union

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Chloe Westley
On 24 January 2016 20:18

I’m an Australian and I moved to Britain three and a half years ago. From a very young age my heart was set on travelling to the land of my ancestors, and I’m proud of the special relationship between Australia and Britain.  

In order to move here, I underwent a lengthy visa application process, which was very expensive. Even with a British grandparent, I had to go above and beyond to prove that I would make a positive contribution to this country. I just assumed that this was the same for everyone applying to live in the UK.

But when I moved here, I realised that if I had been born in a European country, I wouldn’t have had to go through all the stress and financial expense of making an application. Not only were immigrants from the EU not required to apply for a visa, but they also had the opportunity to live here permanently, whereas my right to reside in the UK would be pending a visa renewal every few years.

It made me wonder how serious Britain is about honouring its relationship with Australia.

As someone who has always been proud to be a part of the Commonwealth, I feel that unless Britain leaves the European Union the next generation of Australians won’t even know what the Commonwealth is.

I’m disheartened that many young British people are entirely unaware of the existence of the Commonwealth or its proud history.

I believe that because of the European Union Britain has lost its influence in the world, has lost its sovereignty and has lost its ability to run its own affairs.

We have the opportunity with this referendum to take back legislative control from faceless civil servants in the European Commission, and make immigration fairer.

This referendum is about more than just trade. It’s an opportunity to reclaim the identity and sovereignty of Britain and the Commonwealth.

Chloe is a Conservative activist from Australia with a passion for libertarian philosophy and international relations. Click here to read her article in the Australian Times on the future of British – Commonwealth relations. @ChloeVotesLeave


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