Lies, deception, alarmism: Three words behind the EU’s slow coup d’etat against European democracy

These are the watchwords of the modern EU. They’re lying their way to more Europe, not less

Barroso and Merkel plotting the end of your democracy
The Commentator
On 10 November 2011 08:42

It’s all become so depressingly familiar.

Jose Manuel Barroso, the sinister-looking president of the European Commission, was at it again yesterday.

"There cannot be peace and prosperity in the North or in the West of Europe, if there is no peace and prosperity in the South or in the East," he said.

Speaking in Berlin, he added that any unwinding of the Eurozone would see the German economy decline by three percent with the attendant loss of a million jobs.

"What is more, it would jeopardize the future prosperity of the next generation," the BBC quoted him as saying.

Lies, deception, alarmism.

And totally blatant and shameless at that.

Why can’t there be peace and prosperity in the North or West if there’s no peace or prosperity in the South or East? And what’s all this talk of “no peace”? If we don’t do what Brussels says, war will break out?

Lies, deception alarmism.

Who on earth says that a reduction in the size of the Eurozone would cut the German economy by three percent and see a million job losses? How precisely would removing basket cases such as Greece and Portugal “jeopardize the future prosperity of the next generation”?

Lies, deception, alarmism.

But it does have a point. Enter Angela Merkel, the increasingly hysterical Chancellor of Germany, who only last month warned that without a deeply integrated European Union it was back to the carnage of World War II.

Calling for deep structural reforms, she said yesterday that "That will mean more Europe, not less Europe."

Again, why? Why can’t the structural reforms be in the direction of looser integration? Why can’t it be about less Europe rather than more? Why, as ever, can’t the people have a say in how they are governed?

Lies, deception, alarmism.

What we are witnessing is a slow coup d’etat against European democracy.

Every failure is heralded as a reason to extinguish ever more life out of the nation state – the only form of government in which democracy can flourish – and to ramp up the powers of the monstrosity in Brussels.

Lies, deception, alarmism. Three words that define the European Union.   

"It is time for a breakthrough to a new Europe," said Angela Merkel yesterday.

To which we respond with a question:

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

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