Andrew Rosindell MP hosts Australia and New Zealand celebration in Parliament

Top politicians including former Tory leader Lord Howard gather at House of Commons bash to celebrate Britain’s friendship with New Zealand and Australia

by the commentator on 28 January 2016 11:21


Key political figures from across Westminster gathered in Parliament last night for a celebration of Britain’s relationship with New Zealand and Australia, The Commentator can reveal.

The event was organised by senior Tory MP Andrew Rosindell who gave the opening address alongside the High Commissioners from both countries.

“Australia and New Zealand have more in common with the people of the United Kingdom than any other nation on this planet. We cherish that relationship and friendship, I feel that Australia and New Zealand are part of our family,” said Rosindell to loud cheers from the audience. 

Addressing delegates, Sir Lockwood Smith, High Commissioner to New Zealand criticised the complex EU visa system which blocked many skilled New Zealanders from working in the UK.

“It’s killed the number of skilled New Zealanders coming here by 60 per cent. It’s so sad, because there is so much that binds us together, but this issue is starting to draw us apart,” said Lockwood.

“It’s not politicians that keep the relationship alive, it’s people and integration,” Lockwood added.

Andrew Todd, acting High Commissioner for Australia praised Britain’s relationship with the country, “It’s our inseparable history and ongoing ties that bind us,” he said.

Former Cabinet Minister Liam Fox added that diversity was important, but commonalty between nations was critical to maintain strong relationships with both countries.

The event included a selection of red and white wines from across the Commonwealth, along with a diverse selection of canapes.

These included honey roast chipolatas, miniature Yorkshire puddings marinated in horseradish, and Icelandic prawns in a sweet seafood sauce. 

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