Tatler Tory’s pal Rob Semple withdraws from bullying investigation

Tory HQ in meltdown as Rob Semple, the party’s National Convention Chief steps back during the investigation into the suicide of 21-year-old Elliott Johnson

by the commentator on 28 January 2016 16:25


Controversial Tory Rob Semple has excluded himself from the Tory bullying investigation after being exposed by Newsnight as a pal of Tatler Tory Mark Clarke. The news comes as a petition was due to be signed calling for Semple to quit his post over revelations that Clarke lobbied youngsters to vote for him. 

In a statement, Semple said, “Having worked hard to establish both an independent investigation and the appointment of Lord Pannick to oversee it; I am absolutely determined that it should be, and seen to be, a thorough and complete process.                                                

“As a father myself, the wishes of Mr and Mrs Johnson are paramount to me and after seeing their interview on BBC TV, I have decided to recuse myself from the Board meeting that will discuss the Clifford Chance report.

“As a Conservative volunteer for 20 years I want to establish the truth of what happened to Elliott. I am convinced the investigation will be fair and thorough and my decision must not be regarded as my accepting any suggestion that I would be less than impartial. As Chairman of the voluntary party I will be pressing for the implementation of all the recommendations of the investigation.”

A Conservative spokesperson told The Commentator: “If anyone felt they were unable to come forward whilst Rob Semple would be in the Board meeting where the Clifford Chance report was discussed, we would urge them now to do so.”

Mark Clarke was expelled from the Tory Party for life after being named in the suicide note of young Tory Elliott Johnson who killed himself last summer.

Clarke has made several public declarations of denial saying he strongly refutes all allegations of bullying.

However, he ambushed a young victim just weeks before Christmas along with two henchmen and a flirty female companion in the now infamous ‘Crab Shack ambush.’ 

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