Elliott Johnson’s mum in tears as Tatler Tory’s henchman gatecrashes inquest

Andre Walker, who acted as an enforcer to Tatler Tory Mark Clarke has arrived in court for a hearing into the suicide of 21 year old Elliott Johnson. Walker is attending the pre-inquest hearing against the wishes of the parents

by the commentator on 2 March 2016 11:25


The parents of suicide victim Elliott Johnson entered court in tears this morning for a pre-inquest hearing into the death of their son. Also attending was Andre Walker, who was named in Elliott’s suicide note as the man who ‘betrayed’ him.

Heartbreaking photos from Getty Images show Ray and Alison struggling to cope with the presence of Walker at the inquest.

Following Elliott’s death, the Johnson family asked Walker to stay away from the funeral.

Speaking to the Press Association, Ray Johnson said, “It’s like the murderer returning to the scene of the crime."

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