Hacker gorges on free Domino’s Pizza after app security blunder

Fresh calls for cyber security protection of mobile applications after a cunning IT guru manages to avoid payment on a Domino’s Pizza delivery

by the commentator on 7 April 2016 13:45


A British cybersecurity boffin has managed to trick Domino’s Pizza into giving him a free meal, sparking fresh calls for better security testing of mobile payment applications from industry experts. 

Pizza-loving Paul Price, a British cyber-security expert, used a basic technology trick to dupe the American chain's computer into giving him free food.

Price tucked into an Americano pizza with extra pineapple and hot dog stuffed crust, a portion of chicken strippers and a tub of chocolate chip cookie ice cream delivered to his house without having to pay for it, according to the Mirror.

He managed to fool the app into not processing his card payments.

Commenting on the incident, Paul Farrington, senior solution architect at Veracode, said: "Hackers are all too willing take a slice of company profit by exploiting vulnerabilities in payment authentication processes like this.

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