Merkel would force fair deal for Britain under Brexit

UPADATE BELOW: The issue is ultra sensitive because the European Commission wants to frighten Brits into voting to stay. But reliable sources say Merkel will force a fair deal between a Brexited UK and the EU

by the commentator on 10 April 2016 14:15


The latest opinion polls suggest Britain is likely to vote to leave the European Union in the referendum on June 23. While naive readings of the polls suggest a 50-50 split, turnout is projected to be far higher among those wanting to leave the EU.

The German government, according to reliable sources, has made provisions for Brexit.

These include:

1) Immediately toning down any reference to "punishing" Britain for leaving;

2) Forging a UK-EU cooperation agreement to deal with all strategic, economic and migration issues;

3) Including, as a top priority, the United States, to be an honest broker.

The sources are at the top level in Europe and the United States. Doubters should ask Mrs. Merkel's office, and the State Department.

** The German government's sources, as of today, say Brexit is highly likely. See quick analysis here

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