Tory action man James Cleverly slams UKIP’s Bob Spink

Tough-talking Tory MP James Cleverly slaps down fantasy UKIP candidate Bob Spink ahead of Essex Police & Crime Commissioner election poll

by Steven George-Hilley on 12 April 2016 10:03


Top Tory Territorial Army Chief James Cleverly has sensationally slammed the sloppy record of UKIP’s Bob Spink as the race for Essex Police & Crime Commissioner hots up. Spink, the former MP for Castle Point claims via his website that he “resigned as a junior government police minister” because he “opposed” government policy.

In a post published in February 2016, Spink claims “In fact, I resigned as a junior government police minister, often voted against the Tory whip and resigned the party in 2008 because I opposed its policies, not least on law and order”. Similarly, in a recent online election statement, he refers to himself as a former ‘Police Junior Minister’.

Suspicion around Spink’s fishy claims led to Cleverly requesting official records of former MP’s Common’s career from the House of Commons library service.

The official documents show that Spink did not hold such office during his time as an MP.

Bob Spink betrayed the Conservative Party to join UKIP in 2008, two years before the Conservatives came to government in 2010. He unsuccessfully stood for re-election in 2010, losing to Tory Rebecca Harris by a gigantic 7,632 votes.

Responding to Spink’s exposure, James Cleverly said, “I'm not sure if it's comic or shocking that a candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner can make bogus claims like this. Having spoken to MPs, the House of Commons library and the Speaker of the Commons it quickly transpired that Bob Spink’s claims to have held government office were completely false.

“This is such an important role that requires the absolute trust of hard working tax payers. The people of Essex deserve better than to be deceived in this way.”

Cleverly continued, “It’s time for Bob Spink to apologise for attempting to mislead the people of Essex with this fantasy record in public office or do the decent thing and stand down as a candidate.”

Elections for police and crime commissioners will be held in the 41 police force areas of England and Wales on 5 May 2016.

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