Corbyn's pro-EU stance is grist to Brexiters mill

The Brexit camp should thank Jeremy Corbyn for coming out in favour of remaining in the EU. He has clarified 2 things. First, the case for Remain is run by an opportunistic establishment racket; second, it's an ideologically incoherent mess. Go Brexit!

by Eurosceptic on 14 April 2016 09:54

As some people see the world, if far-Left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is for something, that's a great reason to be against it. After today coming out in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union in the June referendum, we may well see some of that reflected in the polling.

Undoubtedly, that would be an immature way to respond. Jeremy Corbyn is probably in favour of fish and chips.

But there are a couple of issues that, after today, are clearer, and which should energise the cause of Brexit for more substantial reasons.

First, the leaders of all the major parties with significant representation in Westminster now openly and clearly support staying in the EU.

Since a big part of the Eurosceptic cause is driven by hostility to a monolithic political class whose policies, whether from Right or Left, have failed the people of Britain (and Europe) the anti-establishment aspect of the Brexit campaign should get a boost.

Second, it reinforces the belief among Eurosceptics that the Remain campaign is an opportunistic and incoherent mess. On the one hand we have David Cameron saying the EU is vital to our market economy.

On the other, we now have Jeremy Corbyn saying it is a vital component of his plans for a hyper-regulated socialist future.

So which is it?

The truth is, it's neither. What we are left with is an establishment that does not want British voters to retain significant control over their own destiny.

Jeremy Corbyn deserves Brexiters' thanks for making that clear.

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