EXCLUSIVE: EU Remain says Brexit would result in asteroid collision with London

LATEST UPDATE: The European Space Agency is about to release a report on behalf of David Cameron showing that Brexit would result in millions of deaths following an asteroid collision with London. "You have been warned," a Remain spokesperson said

by Project Fear, or Captain Spoof? on 10 May 2016 12:30


LATEST UPDATE: Tens of thousands of readers saw this story, obviously a spoof. Yet, many thought it was genuine. What a signal about the extreme scaremongering of Project Fear that this could be so. Think about that....

Following warnings by Prime Minister David Cameron and the European Commission that World War III would likely break out following a decision by British voters to leave the European Union in the June 23 referendum, The Commentator understands that the Remain campaign is about to release a damning report from the European Space Agency (ESA) about the cosmic implications of Brexit.

The "Space for Europe" report, sources say, postulates a post-Brexit scenario in which Britain is no longer able to shoot down asteroids, one of which is heading for the British capital city.

"We've done the trigonometry. A large asteroid measuring 10 kilometres by 3 kilometres is on course to hit London at 15:00 GMT on July 23, 2016," the report says.

"With Britain as a member of the EU, the ESA, in conjunction with European Asteroid Command, would be able to stop the catastrophic collision. Should Britain vote to leave the EU, preventative measures would no longer be possible."

In response to a written question from The Commentator, Number 10's chief science advisor said:

"We would be looking at 5 million deaths in the first few hours, with 3 million more in the following days. The NHS would be quite unable to cope."

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister, speaking on condition of anonymity, added:

"Look. We've tried everything, and the darned opinion polls just won't move. If we can't frighten the crap out of the dumb proles with threats of war and poverty, they should surely be scared by this."

A Remain spokesperson said: "You have been warned."

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