Who do EU think you are kidding, Mr Cameron?

Cameron's line that it's EU membership or war is one of the worst lies ever told to the British public by a serving prime minister. The real threat to peace in Europe comes from the mad, destructive EU project itself. "Peace for our time", anyone?

Dad's army, or Cameron's?
Robin Mitchinson
On 11 May 2016 10:59

This referendum campaign, which started as a rather cheesy drama, has now gone beyond parody; even ‘Yes’, Minister’ would never have dared a plot line of, ‘If you leave, it’s war!’.

Boris has mocked Cameron for his assertion that it was the EU that stopped Russia in the Ukraine. Now, he is being hammered for stating the bleedin’ obvious. Security is the role of NATO. It kept the peace in Europe for 30 years before the UK even entered the Common Market.

Then, we thought we had signed up to an economic community; free trade, free movement of goods and services, and all the rest that was going to restore Britain’s shaky economy.

We were too naïve to see that the ultimate objective was the elimination of national states and the creation of a Europe-wide monolith. We should have known, because Jean Monnet, the father of it all, said so, but also that politicians should take care to ensure that the public was not aware.

Now, Jack Straw has come out in support of Cameron’s absurd assertion that Brexit heightens the chances of another European war even though the EU does not, never has, and never will have a role that supplants NATO. With friends like him……….!

This was my take at the time Putin began his adventure in the Crimea and Ukraine.

‘When this imbroglio first started I maintained it was all due to meddling by the EU in its attempts to bring the Ukraine within the Brussels orbit, and, by implication, eventually into NATO. Others, including John Redwood MP, have since endorsed my view.

The prospect of parking Western tanks on Putin’s front lawn, was bound to be taken as a provocation which played completely into Putin’s hands to give a pretext for all subsequent events, beginning with the annexation of the Crimea.

Everyone knows that the Minsk peace deal is a very bad joke. Putin will simply ensure that the Ukraine continues to be destabilised.

But it goes deeper.

Since the early 90s the West has been gloating over ‘winning’ the Cold War. The problem is that it has not moved on. The intelligent policy  would have been to have brought Russia in from the cold. Instead it treated Russia with a degree of disdain, a gangster state with a mockery of democracy, run by corrupt oligarchs who are Putin’s friends and backers. Very true, as it is true of many Western allies.

EU policy was to push up to the borders of Russia by signing on new members who possessed very few of the essential qualifications, which include sound democratic institutions, economic stability, good governance, free courts and judicial system, and financial and fiscal integrity. Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria possess scarcely any of these. Their economies are almost ‘third world’ and none is in the top 50 countries for GDP per capita.

(The quasi-criminal Balkan states are in the queue. Russia regards them as within an exclusively Slav sphere of influence, so Vlad is not going to like the idea one bit. Just for the record Bosnia has a GDP per capita ranking of 105, just shy of Jamaica)’.

So where is this threat to the peace of Europe coming from?

The simple answer is that it comes from the EU itself. Its role model is not the old-established democratic institutions of the UK or the United States, which, unlike all but three of the EU members, have had them for longer than a single lifetime.

It is a "benign" version of the Soviet Union, a centralised self-perpetuating bureaucracy, complete with a pretend, "Parliament".

The threat is already present in the disorder resulting from Mutti Merkel’s unilateral ‘open doors’ policy on refugees which she clearly intends to impose on the other EU members; in the economic chaos and consequent human misery caused by the Euro disaster (which Brussels either cannot see that it must fail outside a unitary state, or sees it only too clearly as the entrée to ‘ever close union’).

It is present in the utter failure arising from Schengen to have border policing that would help to keep out terrorists, and now it is too late.

It is present in the appalling rates of unemployment in Club Med, particularly amongst young people who are unlikely to sit quietly in the face of the realisation that their political masters are unable or unwilling to offer them a life.

It is present in the inexorable growth of neo-Nazi parties in Austria, Scandinavia, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and France in particular.

"Peace for our time", anyone? Welcome to Pax Europa.

Robin Mitchinson is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator. A former barrister, living in the Isle of Man, he is an international public management specialist with almost two decades of experience in institutional development, decentralisation and democratisation processes. He has advised governments and major international institutions across the world


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