Prime Minister Cameron warns of Great Flood after Brexit; Archbishop of Canterbury said to be worried

Having spoken to the Almighty, David Cameron announces: Following Brexit, there would not be enough wood to recreate Noah's Ark. Due to Calais migrants jumping into the sea, water levels would rise by 10 metres. Kent would disappear. 25 million would drown if Britain votes to leave the EU

by Project Fear, or Captain Spoof? on 11 May 2016 12:39


The European Environment Agency, in association with Prime Minister David Cameron, is now warning that the south-east of England could be submerged by water in the event of Brexit.

A spokesperson for the prime minister said:

"If Britain leaves the European Union, all of the would-be migrants camped out in Calais would jump into the English Channel. This would raise sea-levels putting the south-east of England at risk of a water-level rise of 10 metres. Kent would disappear."

The Archbishop of Canterbury added:

"Given that Brexit would destroy our forestry industry, there would not be enough wood left in an isolated Britain to rebuild Noah's Ark. The people and the animals would be forced to make small boats out of twigs.

"We would be unable to march forth two-by-two." 

Number 10 estimates that 25 million people would drown within one week of Brexit.

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