Why the dishonest EU Remain campaign is a busted flush

Project Fear, indeed. But, hoist with their own petard, it's Remain that has the most to fear now. Brexit is as popular as ever, and Remain has already fired off all its big guns. With weeks still to go, they haven't got any more scare stories left

Lost the lot...
the commentator
On 13 May 2016 06:56

Be afraid, be very afraid. With less than six weeks to go until the June 23 referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, that has been the overwhelming message from the campaign for Britain to remain.

From yesterday's preposterous anti-Brexit warnings about recession from the Bank of England -- the same Bank of England that completely missed the 2007/8 financial crisis, the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression -- to scare stories about sewage piling up on our beaches, Remain has already tried the lot.

It has got so bad that a spoof story run by The Commentator about Downing Street and the European Commission predicting an asteroid collision with London a month after Brexit attracted over 11,000 shares on Facebook, with many readers on social media apparently thinking the story was genuine.

The problems for Remain are threefold.

First, the opinion polls aren't moving, except, perhaps, slightly in favour of Brexit. The most objective assessment right now is that it's a dead heat, which is terrible news for Remain since turnout among the Outers is likely to be more robust on the day that counts.

Second, in political terms, there is still ages to go until the referendum. But if Remain has already fired off all of its heavy weapons to no effect, what are they going to do over the next five weeks and six days? John Major has intervened for Remain today. But what happens when all the living prime ministers have said their piece? Consult an astrologer for the views of Harold Wilson?

There's only one CBI, one Bank of England, one Treasury, one president of the United States, one IMF. They've all played their hand. How far down the Establishment food chain can you go, and how many scare stories can you put out, before it's obvious you've got a busted flush?

Third, what are Remain's tactical options now? Some marginal voices in the campaign say Cameron and company should shift to more positive messaging. But how are they going to do that? The EU, right in the public's face, has been lurching from one unresolved crisis to another for eight straight years. The deep integrationist project is obviously failing.

It is also quite possible that some new crisis flares up before June 23. If that happens, just as they're trying to tell everyone how marvellous the EU is, Remain is finished. And they know it, which is why they're stuck with the scare tactics.

Project Fear, indeed. But, hoist with their own petard, it's Remain that has the most to fear now.

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