BREAKING: Cameron's massive gaffe in defence of the EU

UPDATE BELOW: In saying today that the June 23 EU referendum is much more important than a UK general election, David Cameron has unwittingly admitted that our national democracy is fatally compromised by being part of the EU. The mask has finally slipped

by Eurosceptic on 14 May 2016 09:51

UPDATE: Brexit is now certain to win. See here for why, and share with your lives...

What an admission! Speaking in Witney on the day Project Fear (aka the EU Remain campaign) launched its biggest bid so far to persuade Britons to vote to stay in the EU at the June 23 referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron just made what may be a fatal mistake.

Seeking to mobilise the Remain vote in an impassioned speech filled with the standard scare tactics about impoverishment if we Brexit, he said on Saturday that the referendum was much more important than any vote we may cast in a British general election.

So, the mask finally slips. If the question of whether we stay in the EU or not is more important than a British general election then that can only be because it is at the European level that the real power now truly resides.

In other words, our national democracy is indeed fatally compromised by our membership of the EU. We are subordinate to Brussels, as the Brexit camp has always stressed. And now David Cameron, after months and years of denial, has unwittingly admitted it.

Let us now see whether the mainstream media picks up on this. It is possibly the biggest tactical mistake the Remain campaign has made so far.

p.s. To see why Remain is now so desperate, see this

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